haiku for dogs - Kira the rottweilerSo, I live with a lovable nitwit. Her name is Kira and she is a 7 year old female rottweiler and one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. But she’s a nitwit.

She follows me around the house as if my occasional visits to the living room or bathroom are suddenly going to change into great dog adventures. They don’t. She is constantly confused by my ability to use subtle clues like garbage scattered across the kitchen floor or the  mysterious warm spot on my bed to deduce that she has been doing something that I asked her not to.

Every time there is a door bell rung on TV she scrambles to the front door. Every time anybody says the word ‘dog’ in her presence she runs to a window to see where it is. She loves it when the UPS guys comes to the house because they always leave her a biscuit.

She is a nitwit, but she’s my nitwit.

A while back I amused myself by writing several quick haikus that I believed were the kinds of things she thought about all day. After sharing these with friends they added their thoughts and observations through their own haikus to my collection. Now, I want to share them with you. I also want to encourage you to put pen to paper and create a few haikus of your own to capture what life with your best four-legged friend is like.

If I like any of them I’ll post them as one of the daily haikus on this site.  If you want to submit a haiku or three for consideration along with any pictures of your particular nitwit, please feel free to email them to submissions@haikufordogs.com.

Thanks for visiting!

Spider Graham